Do you need a "wordsmith" or
a good ROI?

As a conversion copywriter, I provide more certainty to financial companies and wealth advisors who want to make. every. word. count.

Craig Reynolds of Copy and Donuts Financial Writer

Do you need a
"wordsmith" or
a good ROI?

As a conversion copywriter, I provide more certainty to financial companies and wealth advisors who want to make. every. word. count.


I create concepts that engage your audience on an emotional level to help make a human connection, build trust, and increase your brand’s share of their mindset.


Whether its persuasive marketing copy or UX writing, my words help move people towards a positive action, which increases your profits.


My content-led design approach isn’t just about following “best practices,” it’s about leading users through their journey and converting leads into customers.

Finding the right voice for financial

Do the words “uncertain times” feel overused to you? 

Perhaps even a little bit stale? 

You’re not alone. 

Think about your customers.

Without a doubt, they could all use more financial certainty.

And you certainly don’t want your brand communications to sound insincere, thoughtless or tone-deaf.  

The key is identifying the real emotional drivers of your audience. Then applying those to your messaging to increase conversion rates.

That's how I can help your brand find the right voice.

“Craig worked on our account for a number of years and continually provided exceptional work. He brought innovative thinking and insight to our product and knew how to give our brand a voice.” 

Tannis Gaffney | Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing |

Conversion copy:
a whole different mindset

With the financial crisis brought on by Covid-19, people have new and evolving mindsets with different worries, priorities and concerns.

You for instance, may be less concerned about how your copy gets written and more interested in the results – the numbers, clicks and data that make up those little donut graphs. 

As a means to those ends, your brand’s messaging has never been more important than it is today. 

Your customers need more reassurance to get past those feelings of uncertainty.

As a conversion copywriter, I can help your brand come across as more helpful, empathetic and trustworthy.

Trusted brands that have trusted my personal brand:

Compounding your results

If you want your business to go from surviving to thriving, then you don’t want to just hire any copywriter to “massage” or “tweak” the marketing-speak. 

The best way to improve your KPIs is to work with a copywriter who does their own Voice-of-Customer (VOC) research to inform the writing.

When your copy is emotionally aligned with the words your customers actually use, you can:

•   Make them feel understood

•   Create an emotional connection

•   Start building trust

•   Get them to move forward and [click]  

That’s how you start getting a compound effect…10x

At least that’s how I want to grow my business. 

And more importantly, YOURS.

“Craig has an aversion for obvious solutions, the tired word plays and clichés. He's a conceptual, big picture thinker who dives into briefs passionately and strategically.”

Donna Ilagan | Senior Marketing Manager | Manulife


As a freelance conversion copywriter, I’m more than just a clever wordsmith.

Instead of filling in words to fit the design, I can work with your team to develop a clear value proposition that helps shape the design.

What that looks like just depends on your investment style:

Brand messaging

Optimizing both the copy & visual so your message is emotionally aligned with people's real desires.

Email sequences

Instead of making your customer's eyes glaze over, put something in their inbox they'll want to open.

UX copy

Simple and straight forward so people know what they're getting and that they can trust it.

It's not just about who offers you the best rate.

It's about who looks out for your best interest.

While there are lots of writers who are “good with words” or who may even give you a lower quote, it’s important to keep your end-state in mind. 

You see, in order for my conversion writing business to be a continued success, I’ll be highly invested in yours. 

That’s precisely where my RSP optimization process provides you with real business growth.

Tell me what your goals are.

I’ll show you better donut graphs.

Much like investing in a fund, your marketing success depends on a number of variable factors that need to be considered as a whole. 

But if you’re just looking for someone to replace the Lorem ipsum in your design, there are plenty of decent writers who can do just that. 

Me, I’m looking for opportunities where I can achieve measurable results for select clients.